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Banking Services
Money Transfering Service
Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

Amana Bank provides fast and secure remittance services, be it locally or anywhere around the world.

A local telegraphic transfer is an electronic instruction to send or receive money using SWIFT platform from one bank account to another bank account within Tanzania where the settlement is done using Tanzania Inter-bank Settlement System (TISS), which is the country’s payments settlement system that processes high value and time sensitive payments on real time basis. 

Amana Bank Codes: 

Swift Code: AMNNTZTZ 

Bank Code: 046 


Fees & Charges 

Please refer to Amana Bank Tariff Guide for fees and charges related to this product 


  • Available to Amana Bank account holders only for the purpose of sending and receiving funds in local or foreign currency (TZS and USD) for their business and/or personal needs 
  • Availability of cleared funds or an authorized credit facility for outward remittances 
  • The Bank will process the SWIFT transfers in accordance with its policies and procedures 




Western Union

Western Union is available at all Amana Bank branches. Following are services obtained: 

  1.  Send Money: Allows customers to send money at any Western Union location worldwide within minutes. 
  2. Receive Money: Allows customers to receive money at any Western Union location worldwide within minutes. 
  3. Quick Pay: Bill-paying service that allows customers to send cash payments to companies for a flat fee. 
  4. Quick Cash: Allows companies to send Money Transfer to their customers or employees. 
Money Gram

MoneyGram is also available at all Amana Bank branches.The service allows users to do money transfers, money orders and bill payment to people who don't have bank accounts or don't want to use their normal bank account. 


Sending Money via MoneyGram: 

  1. Bring some identification (e.g. passport) and fill in a short simple form.  
  2. Pay for money you want to send, plus the MoneyGram service fee.  
  3. You will then be given a MoneyGram reference number.  
  4. Contact the person receiving the money and give them this number. 

Receiving Money via MoneyGram: 

  1. Ensure that the sender has given you the MoneyGram reference number.  
  2. Go to any MoneyGram agent (the sender can advise you of your nearest agent), taking some form of identification (e.g. passport) with you. 
  3. Provide the reference number and complete a simple form. 
  4. You will be given the money immediately, usually in the local currency.     




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